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Stainless Steel Brazing

Our Engineering Staff has years of experience with stainless steel brazing in the areas of research and development work, production quantities or complete turnkey manufacture complete to print fabrication. We have years of experience in material science, problem analysis, production methodology and fabrication design related to all phases of stainless steel brazing.

Since 1943, HI TecMetal Group, Inc. has specialized in various braze processes including vacuum brazing, hydrogen brazing, induction brazing and diffusion bonding. We also offer critical heat treating and welding processes of refractory and specialty metals under the requirements of the Nadcap and ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance systems. In 1955, HTG became the first commercial stainless steel brazing company by installing the first stainless steel hump brazing furnace in the United States

Our Production Staff has a proven track record of high quality, quick output and on-time delivery for stainless steel brazed parts. Whether your stainless steel brazing project is for one piece or thousands, we are ready to help you succeed.

Stainless steel brazing performed in a Hydrogen furnace is one of the processes used at HTG to fabricate assemblies for production aerospace assemblies, automotive components, hydraulic fittings, food equipment, controls, devices, security, instrumentation, and a host of other prototype and production brazements:
  • Our well established experience with stainless steel hydrogen brazed assemblies assures the highest integrity assemblies for critical service
  • Stainless steel brazed parts emerge from the furnace with clean and bright surfaces free of oxidation and contaminants. Stainless steel hydrogen brazed assemblies' exit the furnaces immediately ready for further assembly or processing steps without additional operations or processing
  • With exceptional equipment maintained to the highest standard processing HTG is able to selectively braze or heat-treat products for specialized applications
HTG Additional Capabilities Include:
  • Vacuum, hydrogen retort brazing and heat treating
  • Component part press assembly
  • CDW, RW and GTAW welding
  • Temperatures to 2650° F
  • Induction brazing in hydrogen environments
  • Leak testing
HTG also provides these additional services:
  • Parts Cleaning [continuous washing equipment]
  • Braze Joint assessment and redesign for cost and quality improvement
  • Braze Engineering Consultation - HTG is a braze Expert
  • Design and Development of Assembly & Weld Tooling
  • Design & Fabrication of Product Assembly Cell
  • Design and Development of Braze High Temperature Fixturing
  • Parts Assembly for braze
  • Tack welding CTW, GTAW, RW
  • Testing - Visual, Leak Decay, Water Submerge, Dimensional
  • Packaging and Shipping

Stainless Steel Brazing processing can be performed in a variety of Equipment

HTG utilizes continuous humpback belt, retort, box and vacuum furnaces in order to produce high quality brazements. Good Brazing-joint-design is essential to successful process application. One should not attempt to braze joints that were conceived for different processes like welding or soldering, unless they are redesigned with brazing requirements in mind. Brazing can be the perfect and most economic process for joining suitable applications, if all factors are duly accounted for in design and planning.

Impeccable equipment maintenance enable HTG produces high atmosphere integrity and control which are key to the successful brazing of stainless steel components. The presence of oxygen or moisture in the furnace will oxidize the surfaces to be brazed and result in defective braze product. Stainless steel has a high affinity for oxygen at high temperatures and the presence of oxygen or water vapor in the furnace must not be present.

Both vacuum furnaces and humpback furnaces have been the traditional systems used to braze stainless steel because of their ability to ensure a very low oxygen partial pressure in the atmosphere.

HTG specializes in precision vacuum brazing. The process is routinely used to join critical assemblies that may employ delicate or intricate features. Titanium, copper, stainless steel, ceramics, aluminum, steel, tungsten carbide, and tungsten are some of the materials joined.

HTG Braze engineers have a wide range of experience in materials joining which enables us to use the best practices combined with exacting process conditions for the product application.
  • When beneficial, a partial pressure braze technique is used to limit sublimation or evaporation of braze filler metal
  • Products that are manufactured include sensors, detectors, cathodes, cold plates, heat exchangers, and biomedical assemblies

Quality ~ Stainless Steel Brazing

Usual quality requirements are applied, depending on the application. Once the Brazing Procedure Specification has been approved, process control is applied in all stages of production from preparation to final delivery.
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